A wooden boat AirBnB photo shoot in Port Townsend, WA

VRBO vacation rental photographer in Port Townsend

Every year, we get to see and photograph many vacation rental properties in Washington and Oregon. One that stood out was an AirBnB rental in Port Townsend, Washington we photographed in 2021.

Meadowlark (link) is a 1938 classic PNW cruiser, a 40′ wooden boat plopped between the forest edge and a meadow. It’s a charming, unique and cozy hideaway place. And the boat is not even the best feature of this hidden gem. That honor goes to the hosts who run it. Don’t skip on a bonfire conversation with Lana and Chuck to hear about their adventures and the journey of this boat.

AirBnB vacation rental photographer in Port Townsend,
Unusual vacation rental photographer in Port Townsend,
Vacation rental photography in Port Townsend,
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